Podcast on “Making America GODLY Again”

Topic: Make America Godly Again.

Of course, we’ve all heard the phrase “Make America Great Again.” Author Wallace Henley says, we should seek to, quote-unquote, “Make America Godly Again.” Henley writes, “Since Nimrod at least, ‘mighty hunters before the Lord’ (Genesis 10:9) have been promising people some form of the ‘New Jerusalem.’ The result usually has not been the heavenly City but hellish Babylon — empires and social systems ruled over, not by God and His transcendent majesty, but by sin-corrupted petty pretenders who mistake raw power for authentic authority.” So writes author Wallace Henley, in an article in Christian Post, to which we’ll link, entitled “Make America Godly Again.” Wallace Henley joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the notion of making America godly again.  www.christianpost.com

Wallace Henley



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