Podcast on New Film- “Whose Children Are They”

The battle over the classroom is the battle of our time. Perhaps this is where conservatives have been blowing it….but Lord-willing the tide may be turning. There is a new film out that includes commentary with Dr. Carol Swain and others, and it’s called, “Whose Children Are they?” Their website, whosechildrenarethey.com, notes: “WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY? is the groundbreaking and powerfully persuasive documentary featuring brave teachers, empowered parents, and front-line experts who pull back the curtain about what is truly happening in our public schools today.” A prime mover in this film, as a producer, writer, and commentator, is Deborah Flora, the President and Founder of Parents United America. Deborah Flora joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss education and the new movie, “Whose Children Are They?”  www.whosechildrenarethey.com

Deborah Flora



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