Podcast on the Threat to America Through the “Woke” Agenda

Topic: The Problem with Wokeism.
Wokeism is cultural Marxism on steroids. A new book exposes this movement: WOKEd UP! by Kevin McGary, president and co-founder of Every Black Life Matters and chairman of the California chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation. The book is described this way: “Finally Putting an Ax to The Taproot of White Supremacy And Racism In America. WOKEd UP! defines precisely why and how today’s Marxist false narratives are specifically designed to destroy, not unify. It helps explain the precise moment when racism, White supremacy, rampant atheism, genocide, eugenics, and sexism/misogyny (virtually all modern-day evils) were unleashed…And by whom?” Kevin McGary join Jerry Newcombe to discuss the problem of wokeism. www.everyblm.com

Kevin McGary

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