Podcast with Attorney Peter Breen on the Right to Life and a Recent Pro-life Victory

Topic: Recent Pro-life Victory.

In the Declaration of Independence, the founders said our rights come from the Creator, and the first of these is the right to life. But that is a right undermined by abortion in America. Recently there was a victory for the pro-life movement in Illinois. The state had passed a law that critics say curtailed the free speech rights of pro-life pregnancy centers. But thanks to the intervention of the Christian legal group, the Thomas More Society, this law has been put on hold. The Thomas More Society writes, “This massive victory makes it clear that pro-life speech cannot be singled out and pregnancy help ministries cannot be discriminated against by the state of Illinois on account of their viewpoint. ‘The injunction granted today sends a strong, clear message to the country that the First Amendment protects pro-life speech,’ said Thomas More Society’s Peter Breen in response to the ruling.” Peter Breen, Executive Vice President & Head of Litigation for Thomas More Society, discusses with Jerry Newcombe the battle for life and this recent court victory. www.thomasmoresociety.org


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