Podcast with Author of “Britfield” Series on Teaching Values to Children

Topic: Teaching Good Values to Children.

The founders of America said that in order for our constitutional republic to succeed, the people would need to be virtuous. They also said through voluntary promotion of religion, including to our young people, virtue would increase. Fast forward to today. There is a great deal of negative influences impacting our children these days. Even programs from Disney are no longer trustworthy. But there are some new books with a positive message from a Christian perspective. These novels are written by American writer Chad Stewart. Here is a description of these books. Goodreads.com writes: “Britfield & the Lost Crown is the first book in a thrilling seven-part series for middle school and young adult readers. It will inspire children to engage both their creativity and their critical thinking skills as they encounter actual places, authentic characters, and exciting but realistic events in seventeen action-packed chapters.” Chad Stewart joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss his Britfield series. www.Britfield.com



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