Podcast with Author on the Recent Asbury Revival and Awakenings in America

Topic: Asbury Revival.

Publius PR writes, “The Asbury Revival is something that has sparked a great deal of attention within the past few days. Viewed as a reconnection with the divine after a period of spiritual drought, “revival” goers witnessed a sudden and enthusiastic restoration of religious vigor at Asbury University in Kentucky. One of the cascading effects has been that congregations elsewhere in the United States are steadily joining the marathon worship that is primarily led by students…. As the revivals gain momentum and national attention, what is the cause of this and what should those seeking restoration in America do next?” Mark Burrell, the author of Rediscovering the American Covenant: Roadmap to Restore America, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss revivals in American history. www.defendamericanliberty.com


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