Podcast with Author Scott Powell on a Major Contributor to American Independence—Largely Unknown Today…Haym Salomon

Topic: Financiers of the American Revolution, Including Haym Salomon.

We are free in America today in large part because others sacrificed on our behalf that we might be free. Scott Powell of the Discovery Institute has written a book on America’s special days, Rediscovering America: How the National Holidays Tell an Amazing Story about Who We Are. Powell writes, “Washington and the Continental Army were in fact perpetually short of financial resources. Fortunately, even before the Revolutionary War started there was a young Jewish lover of liberty being raised up, Haym Salomon.” Who was Haym Salomon? Who was Robert Morris? Why should we remember these important me? Scott Powell joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss financiers of the American Revolution. www.rediscoveringAmerica.net


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