Podcast with Bill Federer on Booker T. Washington

Topic: Booker T. Washington.

There is a war on America as founded because of past sins such as slavery, which was not unique to America. What was unique was the idea of articulating in our founding document that all men are created equal—a founding principle completely incompatible with slavery. And eventually slavery was made illegal, after a brutal civil war with the loss of some 700,000 American men in the conflict. Booker T. Washington was born a slave. He remembered his mother praying to Jesus that Abraham Lincoln and his armies would succeed. Later Booker worked hard to get a good education, and he founded an important school in Alabama to help blacks also to lift themselves out of poverty. Bestselling author Bill Federer has written a new book, entitled, The Strength and Genius of Booker T. Washington. Bill Federer joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss what we can learn from this amazing American. www.americanminute.com


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