Podcast with Bill Federer on the War on American History—Penn’s Statue

Topic: The War on American History.

There is a war on American history, a war on America as founded. A recent example can be seen in the case where the National Park Service under the current administration set out to tear down the statue of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania (named after his father) in a prominent park in Philadelphia. The “city of Brotherly Love” was founded by William Penn, and he sailed in on a ship called “Welcome.” Welcome Park is dedicated to Penn’s honor, but the National Park Service was going to tear down (and melt down, presumably) the statue of Penn and replace it instead with a Native-American display. Bill Federer is a bestselling author on America’s Christian roots. Bill Federer joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this case and the wider issue of the war on American history. www.americanminute.com


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