Podcast with Bob Dutko on the Top Ten Proofs of America’s Christian Heritage

Topic: America Christian Heritage.

Does America have Christian roots and does it matter? Christian radio host Bob Dutko writes, we do and it does. He says, “America truly has a Christian heritage, but most of these facts are now being censored in our history books.” For example, “Did you know…

•‘Separation of Church and State’ is found nowhere in the Constitution?

•The U.S. Capital Building was converted to a church every Sunday morning?

•Washington D.C.’s worship team every Sunday morning was the U.S. Marine Corps Band?

•Congressional declarations actually called for ‘Christianity’ to be ‘spread all over the Earth’?

•The first U.S. Supreme Court opened with a four hour Prayer and Communion service?

•The Bible was a required reading textbook in the public schools?” And we could go on and on. What I’ve been reading from are portions of a series of CDs called Top Ten Proofs—this particular episode is called “The Top Ten Proofs for America’s Christian Heritage.”

Bob Dutko, a popular radio host who has created this Top Ten Proofs series, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss our nation’s Christian heritage. www.toptenproofs.com



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