Podcast with Christian Native-American Leader, Rev. Huron Claus

Topic: Revival Among Native-Americans?

Is there a special of God at this time among the Indians? Are Native-Americans experiencing a spiritual revival? One man who believes that may well be the case is Rev. Huron Claus, the president of CHIEF.org (CHIEF is Christian Hope Indian Eskimo Fellowship). Among the nearly 10 million Native-Americans, there are millions yet to be born again. But there do seem to some breakthroughs of the gospel in our time. Many years ago, Billy Graham declared: “For years, I have carried a burden for the American Indian. Now our Christian responsibility to these first Americans can be effectively demonstrated through CHIEF. I ask you to join me in prayer and financial support of this ministry for our Native American Christian friends.” Rev. Huron Claus rejoins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss ministry among the Native-Americans. (Their earlier discussion is available here.) www.chief.org

Rev. Huron Claus



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