Podcast with “Christians Engaged” on Mobilizing Christian Voters

Can Christians make a difference if we show up at the polls and vote and vote our Biblical values? Gregg Wooding writes, “Christians Engaged, a Texas-based non-partisan civic group whose program is already operating in 110 U.S. churches, has launched a national push to get apathetic believers fired up to vote….The organization’s founder Bunni Pounds says it’s not about persuading Christians to vote one way or the other. She says it’s about engaging the nation’s massive churchgoing voting block — 22% of the total U.S. population — to make its voice heard at every election in America.” Bunni Pounds says, “We believe the church is the answer for America.” Bunni Pounds joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss Christians and voting. www.christiansengaged.com

Bunni Pounds




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