Podcast with Chuck Crismier on Saving America

Topic: Saving America.

“History hides its mysteries. Yet mysteries demand to be solved. The shroud that has veiled this messianic mystery for mankind’s entire sojourn on planet Earth must soon be drawn back in an apocalyptic ‘Unveiling’—a revelation of reality that has escaped our understanding—a sweeping away of persistently frustrating blindness.” So writes author Charles (Chuck) Crismier, who is a veteran attorney, a pastor, and president of Save America Ministries. One of Chuck’s recent books is called “MESSIAH: Unveiling the Mystery of the Ages.” The website of author Chuck Crismier describes itself as “A Voice to the Church Declaring Vision for the Nation.” They note: “Save America was established as a non-profit ministry dedicated to rebuilding the foundations of America’s faith and freedom. Bringing a life-changing message of repentance, righteousness and reconciliation to a nation in acute moral and spiritual distress through broadcast and publishing media.” Chuck Crismier joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss saving America. www.saveus.org


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