Podcast with Columnist Laura Hollis on America’s Moral Collapse

Topic: America’s Moral Collapse.

America’s founders expected that the people would be virtuous in order for our limited government to succeed. And what would be the source of that virtue? Voluntary religion. Syndicated columnist Laura Hollis wrote a column recently, to which we’ll link, entitled, “First, the Moral Collapse….” She notes, “The United States is fraying at the seams. Perhaps because I am an attorney, what stands out for me is the erosion of standards of lawful behavior. It has become commonplace to see videos of people violently assaulting total strangers. Mobs of teens in Chicago riot, loot and set cars on fire, and the mayor makes excuses. Individuals walk into drugstores, department stores, even luxury boutiques and leave with armfuls of stolen items. The thefts are done with impunity.” Laura Hollis teaches at Notre Dame business school, but her opinions are her own. Laura Hollis joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss America’s moral collapse.




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