Podcast with David Closson of FRC on the Importance of Having a Biblical Worldview

Topic: How Worldviews Impact Everything.

Dr. Donald S. Lutz, the author of The Origins of American Constitutionalism, once noted that the founding fathers, all of them, even the few who may have not been committed Christians knew the Bible “down to their fingertips.” They had a thoroughly Christian worldview. Today, many professing Christians lack a genuinely Christian worldview. Family Research Council has a Center for Biblical Worldview, and they have recently written about the importance of having a Biblical worldview. One of their most recent publications is entitled, An Introduction to Worldview: Refining the Lens Through Which You See Everything. David Closson, who is among the chief authors of their Biblical Worldview Series, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss how worldviews impact everything. www.frc.org/worldview


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