Podcast with Denise Gitsham on Christians and Politics

Topics: Christians and Politics.

We have often been told that politics and religion don’t mix. But is that true? In early America, the church was often the hub of society. The Puritans and other early Americans had the practice of preaching Election Day sermons to extoll godly values among the elected leaders. Fast forward to today. Denise Grace Gitsham, who has 20 years of experience working in government, even at high levels, has written a book called, Politics for People who Hate Politics. Denise notes, “Politics can be infuriating. From unjust policies to unholy politicians, there are justifiable reasons to be upset or walk away altogether. Yet we must stay involved if we are to protect and sustain our fragile nation from the divisions that threaten it. ….As citizens of heaven, we can engage in politics God’s way: with the countercultural love, integrity, and unity that will heal our land.” Denise Gitsham, author of Politics for People who Hate Politics, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss Christians and Politics. www.denisegracegitsham.com 


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