Podcast with Dirk Smith on the Bible and Ukraine

The Bible can make a big difference in society—as seen in its influence in the making and shaping of America. Meanwhile, as the tragedy continues to unfold in Ukraine, is God at work in the midst of the Ukrainian people? Eastern Europe Mission writes: “With a 61-year history delivering spiritual encouragement to the people of Eastern Europe, Eastern European Mission (EEM) is utilizing its long-term, trusted relationships with vetted organizations in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and other nations receiving Ukrainian refugees to ensure the right aid can be delivered quickly where it’s most needed.” Dirk Smith, the Vice President of EEM, joins Jerry Newcombe to explain the tragedy and also how there is a hunger for Bibles among the Ukrainians. EEM adds: “The ministry is currently accepting donations online at www.eem.org/ukraineaid to deliver medical care, food, clothing, shelter – whatever is most needed – for the women and children fleeing war in Ukraine.”

Dirk Smith



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