Podcast with Dr. Cal Beisner on Climate Change

The founders of America had respect for the earth—but not a worship of it. Meanwhile, many scientists believe there is global warming at present—but that man’s contributions to it are relatively negligible. The redistribution of wealth schemes, represented in the Green New Deal as an example, would only harm tens of millions of people (especially the poor)—while failing to bring about only a marginal change (at best) in the world’s temperature. Even now, as we pay significantly more for gas for our cars, many observe that that is by design—in order to curtail our dependence on fossil fuels. Dr. Cal Beisner, retired seminary and college professor and author, is the president of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of the Earth. Beisner is one of the leading critics of the thesis of man-made, catastrophic global warming (often called climate change). Dr. Cal Beisner joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss bad policy measures being pursued to try and limit something that human beings can barely impact. www.cornwallalliance.org


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