Podcast with Dr. James S. Robbins on the War on America’s Founding

Topic: The War on America’s Founding.

Has America forgotten its history? Is there a deliberate push to erase our history? Does it matter? A fascinating book is called “Erasing History,” and it’s by Dr. James S. Robbins. Dennis Prager once said: “There’s a book out, I’m happy to recommend, I didn’t write it, called Erasing America. And that’s exactly what is happening. The American past is erased, except for the isolated awful moments, though. Kids today are learning how bad America was, but they’re not learning that every country had slavery, every country killed indigenous people, because everybody who made a country often killed the people who were living there. I’m not excusing it, I’m just noting a fact. Where America differed is in its goodness. Badness is universal, goodness is relatively unique.” Dr. James S. Robbins, who has written a lot for USA Today, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the war on America’s founding. www.iwp.edu



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