Podcast with Dr. Mark Beliles on Jefferson’s Faith (or the Lack Thereof)

Topic: Doubting Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson was a key founding father. But to hear many describe him today you would think he was a virtual atheist who wanted to ban God from the public arena. Then others seem to almost imply, Oh, no, he was a born again Christian (a minority opinion). When dealing with the religious opinions of Thomas Jefferson, it is important to separate fact from fiction. Dr. Mark Beliles, the co-founder of the Providence Foundation based in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been studying the faith (or lack thereof) of our third president for years. Beliles and Jerry Newcombe co-wrote a book on the subject entitled, Doubting Thomas. Dr. Mark Beliles joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the religious views of Thomas Jefferson. www.doubtingthomasbook.com


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