Podcast with Dr. Samuel Lamerson on the Resurrection of Jesus

Topic: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In Mount Vernon, behind the stone coffins of George and Martha Washington are important words from Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John, chapter 11, where the Lord says that He is the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Jesus shall live, even though he dies.

This is the sign behind the sarcophagi of George and Martha Washington

The cornerstone of the Christian Church is the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead. But is it true history and why does it matter? Dr. Sam Lamerson teaches the New Testament at Knox Theological Seminary, founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy. Sam is a well-known apologist of the Christian faith. Dr. Sam Lamerson joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the evidence for the historical resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  www.knoxseminary.edu

Dr. Sam Lamerson




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