Podcast with Eric Scheidler on the Declaration’s Right to Life Versus the Abortion Ethic

Topic: How Much Choice Is There in “Pro-Choice”?

The right to life is enshrined in our national birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence. But abortion, often touted in the name of “choice,” significantly undermines the right to life. Eric Scheidler is the Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League. He recently co-wrote an article on abortion in thepublicdiscourse.com, in which they argue that there may be common ground between those who are pro-life and those who claim to be pro-choice: “we should all be able to come together to stop unwanted abortion…. only about one-third of women, reflecting on their abortions, describe the experience as a truly free choice that had a positive impact on their lives. For the rest, those abortions were not in line with their values, were consciously unwanted, or were even coerced.” Eric Scheidler joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this issue. www.prolifeaction.org

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