Podcast with Eric Scheidler on the “Right to Life” (in the Declaration) Versus Abortions and How Most Getting Them Felt They Had No “Choice”

Topic: The Myth of Pro-Choice.

The right to life is as American as apple pie. It’s enshrined in our national birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence. But abortion, often touted in the name of “choice,” significantly undermines the right to life. Although the proponents call themselves “pro-choice,” study after study indicates that the majority of women who choose abortion felt compelled to seek the procedure. They felt they had no other option. For example, they were living at home and if they didn’t abort their baby, their mom or parents would kick them out of the house. Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League, rejoins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this issue. www.prolifeaction.org


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