Podcast with Faith-Based Movie Promoter Stan Goldenberg on the Fight Against Modern Slavery–“Sound of Freedom”

Topic: New Movie on Sex-Trafficking Kids.

Many critics of America today blame the founding fathers for not uprooting slavery right then and there. When they said, “all men are created equal,” the question arises, “What about the slaves”? Thankfully, chattel slavery ended in America after a bloody civil war. But some experts estimate that with human trafficking so prevalent today, there is a resurgence of slavery. Only much of it is hidden. Jim Caviezel of “The Passion of the Christ” stars in a new movie that may well become a movement against this modern form of slavery, including poor kids used as sex slaves. The movie is called “Sound of Freedom” and it comes out just in time for July 4th when we celebrate freedom and the notion that we have God-given rights. Stanley Goldenberg of South Florida has a ministry, in which he promotes faith-based movies. One of the ones he’s promoted recently is “Sound of Freedom”—which has the potential to become more than just a movie, but perhaps something that sparks a movement against evil. Stanley Goldenberg discusses “Sound of Freedom” with Jerry Newcombe. 


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