Podcast with Father Boquet on the Declaration of Independence’s Right to Life and Fostering a Culture of Life

Topic: Fostering a Culture of Life.

America’s birth certificate is the Declaration of Independence, which declares the Creator has endowed us with rights that no man should be allowed to take away. The first such right listed is the right to life. But today, because of 50 years of abortion in our nation, there are tens of millions of fellow Americans who think that the so-called right to abortion or so-called reproductive freedom or reproductive justice should trump the right to life. Father Shenan J. Boquet is the president of Human Life International, the world’s largest pro-life and pro-family apostolate. Father Boquet said recently, “Promoting the false doctrine that abortion is a critical need…shows how far we have fallen from a universal respect for every human life – men, women, and children, including those yet born.” Father Boquet, who wrote about the recent pro-life loss in Ohio, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the issue of fostering a culture of life. How do we win the hearts and minds of America to the pro-life message? www.hli.org


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