Podcast with First Liberty Attorney Hiram Sasser on a Religious Freedom-Right of Conscience Case

Topic: A Case Involving the Right of Conscience.

One of the key liberties of importance to the founders of America is the right of conscience. James Madison, a key architect of the U.S. Constitution, spoke highly of what he called “The equal right of every citizen to the free exercise of his religion according to the dictates of

his conscience.” But fast forward to today, where political correctness rules much of the day. After the Supreme Court decision of 2015 in favor of same-sex marriage, many magistrates, including justices of the peace, were being pressured to perform same-sex weddings—against their consciences. Liberty Institute founded by Kelly Shakelford fights for religious liberties across America. One of the cases they are involved in now involves a judge in Texas who faces punishment for having recused herself from being forced to perform a same-sex wedding, against her conscience. Hiram Sasser, the Executive General Counsel for First Liberty Institute, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this case involving the right of conscience. www.firstliberty.org


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