Podcast with Former Cold-Case Detective on Christ’s Incredible Impact on Our World

Topic: The Social Impact of Jesus.

America is what it is because of our Judeo-Christian heritage. No Jesus, no America.

Has Jesus made a difference in world? Of course, He has. Monumental differences. I had the privilege about 25 years ago to write a book with Dr. D. James Kennedy highlighting those changes. It was called, “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?” Now, comes a relatively new book on the social impact of Jesus called, “Person of Interest.” The book is by a retired homicide detective from L.A. J. Warner Wallace is a former atheist converted to Christianity based on the testimony of the four evangelists, the Gospels. Jerry Newcombe told his story on an edition of D. James Kennedy Ministries. Wallace is the author of the book, “Cold Case Christianity.” Now he has written a new book, “Person of Interest,” which postulates that Jesus can be discovered, even apart from the Bible, based on the kind of enormous influence Christ has had. J. Warner Wallace joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the impact of Jesus on our world. www.coldcasechristianity.com


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