Podcast with Former NYU Professor on “The Great Reset”

Topic: The Great Reset.

There is a mantra from some of the globalists about the future IF they get their way with so-called “great reset”: The mantra is You will have nothing, and you will be happy. Here is information on a new book on this overall topic: “The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda is the definitive treatment of the Great Reset, providing a scholarly examination.” This book is by Dr. Michael Rectenwald, former professor of Liberal Studies and Global Studies at New York University. “Rectenwald ends with a nine-point plan for stopping the Great Reset in its tracks, as part of what he calls the Grand Refusal.” Dr. Michael Rectenwald joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this globalist plot to basically take over the world. www.michaelrectenwald.com




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