Podcast with Historian Dr. Paul Kengor on Catholics and Slavery

Topic: Slavery and the Catholic Church.

We are reminded today ad nauseam about slavery, America’s original sin. Like many other nations around the globe at the time of our founding, our founding fathers did not rid slavery from the land—although some of the founders actually did try to do that, but we wouldn’t have become a united nation, had they pushed it too far at the time. A new book about slavery opens up, saying, “Slavery is as old as human history itself. In experiencing this crime against humanity, America is far from unique. Slavery has involved far more peoples, cultures, and countries than those caught up in the transatlantic slave trade—which has become the image of slavery in the modern mind.” So writes Dr. Paul Kengor, author of the new book, The Worst of Indignities: The Catholic Church on Slavery. Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of history and political science at Grove City College, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the Catholic Church and slavery. www.faithandfreedom.com


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