Podcast with Jarrett Stepman on Wokeism (Versus the Framer’s Vision for the US) in the News

Topic: Wokeism in the News.

By today’s standards, our founding fathers were politically incorrect. In fact, today’s woke culture is at war with America as founded. Jarrett Stepman writes for The Daily Signal of the Heritage Foundation. He’s also written a book called, The War on History. Many of Jarrett’s articles highlight the ongoing fallout from wokeism. For example, in a recent article on the left’s attacks against the new Speaker of the House, Stepman writes: “The Tea Party grandma who goes to church and who voted for Trump is, even for many ‘mainstream’ Democrats, a bigger threat to ‘our democracy’ than Islamists or Communist China.” Jarrett Stepman joins Jerry Newcombe to talk on wokeism in the news, in contrast with our God-given liberties recognized by America’s framers. www.dailysignal.com


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