Podcast with John Eidsmoe on Natural Law and the Founders

[Pictured: Sir William Blackstone] The founders of America spoke often of natural law. What does that mean? And how does that relate to God? A classic study from the 1980s found that America’s founders quoted the Bible four times more than any other source. Next they quoted Christian authors, in this order: Baron Montesquieu, Sir William Blackstone, John Locke. Blackstone was particularly important to the founders because of his writings on the law. John Eidsmoe is a renowned scholar of the Constitution and of the law and has written books on the development of Western law, Historical and Theological Foundations of Law (Nordskog Publishing). John Eidsmoe joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point of GraceNetRadio.com to discuss natural law and Sir William Blackstone and America’s founding. www.morallaw.org

John Eidsmoe


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