Podcast with Kerby Anderson-Cancel Culture Goes After Founding Father John Witherspoon

Topic: Woke Culture Targets Witherspoon.

Woke culture never sleeps. These days it is targeting Witherspoon—as in John Witherspoon, a very important founding father in America. Rev. Dr. John Witherspoon, a devout Presbyterian from Scotland, was the president of Princeton—at the time a very devout and patriotic school. Witherspoon is best known as the founding father who trained so many other founding fathers in Biblical principles of government. That includes James Madison, a key architect to the U.S. Constitution. Well, apparently like so many others at the time, Witherspoon owned a couple of domestic slaves for a time. So now the forces of woke are demanding his statue at the Ivy League school be removed. An article in the National Review covers this kerfuffle. Kerby Anderson is a Christian radio host and author of books and an apologist for the faith. He’s also very knowledgeable about America’s Christian roots. Kerby Anderson joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss how cancel culture is going after John Witherspoon. www.probe.org



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