Podcast with Kerby Anderson on America’s Christian Heritage

The Christian faith played a major role in early America. But today the spiritual roots of the country are often downplayed. Radio host Kerby Anderson, the host of the nationally syndicated Point of View, serves as the president of Probe Ministries. In an article on the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, Anderson writes: “Most historians will acknowledge that America was born in the midst of a revival. This occurred from approximately 1740-1770 and was known as the First Great Awakening. Two prominent preachers during that time were Jonathan Edwards (best known for his sermon ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’) and George Whitfield. They preached up and down the East Coast and saw revival break out. Churches were planted, schools were built, and lives were changed.” Kerby Anderson joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss America’s godly heritage and why it matters. www.probe.org

An old photo of Kerby Anderson and Jerry Newcombe




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