Podcast with Newsmax Founder on Viewpoint Censorship in the Media

Topic: Free Speech. Censorship of Newsmax.

The First Amendment recognized the freedom of religion and also the freedom of speech and a free press. But today, when it comes to the media, broadcast and satellite programming, as well as social media, the left seems to have a stranglehold on the flow of information. We see this in the recent example of corporate giant AT&T cutting off the conservative network Newsmax from satellite distribution through DirecTV, about which I commented recently. This appears to the tip of the iceberg. Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz wrote a column in Newsweek about the cancellation of Newsmax, “As a liberal, I am truly troubled that a major conservative cable news channel—and one that is reliably pro-Israel, like Newsmax—was silenced by AT&T. If AT&T and DirecTV can get away with silencing Newsmax, who will be next?” Chris Ruddy, the founder and leader of Newsmax joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the DirecTV-Newsmax kerfuffle. www.Iwantnewsmax.com



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