Podcast with Nina May on Reparations

Topic: Reparations.

One of the tragic elements in American history was chattel slavery. This was not unique to America. What was unique was that the founders stipulated in the Constitution that 20 years after its ratification (that would be 1808), the slave trade would be abolished. They wrote the Constitution in 1787—this was “William Wilberforce’s successful Christian crusade in England against slavery. Part 1 of his crusade? Abolishing the slave trade. That was accomplished in 1807. Part 2? Freeing the slaves. Back to America, lately there has been a push for reparations to the descendants of enslaved peoples. Nina May, a film producer and writer on the issue of reparations, has put together a film on called “Emancipation Revelation Revolution.” The film includes Star Parker. Nina May joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss reparations. www.errvideo.com


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