Podcast with Pastor James Garlow on Christians and Voting

Topic: Christians and Voting.

Is faith to be banished from the public square? That’s a topic we often discuss. But what about those from within the church, who for all practical purposes remain silent in terms of politics or culture because they think we as Christians should not be “involved in politics”? The fact that many professing Christians hold to such a position could explain why many Christians, to this day, apparently are not registered to vote and routinely do not vote—even though much is at stake. Pastor Jim Garlow has written a book called, Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues, and he addresses such concerns. Mike Huckabee recommends this book and said, “Jim Garlow is one of the most insightful, courageous, and compassionate Christian leaders in America.” His book deals with hot-button issues that we are often challenged on: sexuality, marriage, abortion, racism, taxes, minimum wage, immigration, etc. Dr. Jim Garlow joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss a Christian perspective on hot-button issues. www.reversed.org

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