Podcast with Rev. Travis Witt on the Bible and Education in Early America

In the early centuries of America, the Bible was chief textbook in one way or another. And in those days, the children could read and write. Rev. Travis Witt is the National Director of the America Transformation Company, which is geared toward renewing our world for Christ. Mark Beliles (co-author with Jerry Newcombe of DOUBTING THOMAS) is the founder of this group.

In his talks, Travis gives a “living history” portrayal of John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, Revolutionary War pastor, patriot, and politician – Muhlenberg is one of the most important Founding Fathers few Americans know anything about. In this discussion, Jerry Newcombe and Travis Witt discuss the indispensable role the Scriptures played in early America, including education at all levels. The Puritans founded Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth. Why? To train future ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. www.standingforfreedom.com


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