Podcast with Scott Powell on the Battle Over Christopher Columbus—Hero of Yesterday, Supposed Villain of Today

Topic: Columbus: Hero or villain?

A few years ago, when the left was destroying one historical statue after another, do you know which was the most targeted historical figure? Far and away, more statues of Christopher Columbus were destroyed than anybody’s else’s statue, including Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Why the animus against Christopher Columbus? Columbus Day is still a bank holiday. When I was growing up Columbus was a hero. Now, to the left, and even beyond just the left, he’s a zero. Why is that? And is it fair? Scott Powell of the Discovery Institute has written a book on America’s special days, Rediscovering America: How the National Holidays Tell an Amazing Story about Who We Are. Included in the book is a chapter on the explorer from Genoa, who opened up for the Old World a vista to the New World, Christopher Columbus. Scott Powell, who recently wrote an article on Columbus, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss why we should celebrate, not denigrate Christopher Columbus.



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