Podcast with Stephen McDowell on Ministers Honored in the U.S. Capitol

Topic: Ministers Honored in the U.S. Capitol.

Does America have Christian roots and does it matter? A recent poll from the Pew Research Center says of fellow Americans on the left: 69% say the Bible should have little or no influence on the laws of the U.S., including 53% who say it should have no influence.” And yet if you tour the U.S. Capitol, and you know what you’re looking at, you can understand why our 7th president, Andrew Jackson, once said that “The Bible is the rock upon which our republic rests.” Author Stephen McDowell is the president and co-founder of the Providence Foundation, and he often leads tours on our nation’s Christian roots, including at the U.S. Capitol. I’m the executive director of Providence Forum, not to be confused with Providence Foundation. In previous discussions (here and here) with Stephen McDowell, we have focused on some aspects of our Christian heritage in the U.S. Capitol. Now Stephen McDowell joins Jerry Newcombe again to discuss ministers honored in the U.S. Capitol.  www.providencefoundation.com

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