Podcast with Steve Goreham on the Constitution and Efforts to Fight Climate Change

Topic: Is Global Warming a Bunch of Hot Air?

The founders of America set up a constitutional republic where we would be governed by our elected representatives. But have recent efforts to fight against alleged, catastrophic, man-made global warming undermined our constitutional system in some ways? For example, there’s such a push to curtail the used of fossil fuels, gas stoves, gas-run cars, etc. and replace these with renewable forms of energy. But do electric cars work in freezing conditions? Do windmills suffice to meet modern needs for energy? Perhaps most importantly, Is global warming, often called climate change, the problem it is made out to be or is it a bunch of hot air? Steve Goreham is the Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America (CSCA), a non-political association of scientists, engineers, and citizens dedicated to informing Americans about the realities of climate science and energy economics. He is the author of Green Breakdown: The Coming Renewable Energy Failure. Steve Goreham joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the truth about how green energy can never fulfill the world’s energy needs. www.stevegoreham.com


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