Podcast with Terri Hasdorff on Christians Getting Involved in Politics

Topic: Christians Getting Involved in Politics.

Dr. D. James Kennedy, the ultimate founder of this radio outlet once said, “Religion has left all of the public spheres and retreated within the stained glassed walls of the church or the prayer closet. We have left government, we have left politics, we have left media, and we have left education to the unbelievers to take over and destroy what the Founders of this country gave to us with those things.” There’s a new book out by someone who was impacted by Dr. Kennedy’s center in Washington, D.C. for Christian Statesmanship. Her name is Terri Hasdorff, and she ran for Congress. The book is called, “Running Into the Fire: Why More Christians Need to be Involved in Politics.” Terri Hasdorff joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss Christians and politics. www.godovergovernment.com


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