Podcast with Tim Head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Abortion and the States

The founders created America as a new nation that was a union between 13 separate states. The states produced the federal government. In our times, for nearly a half-century, the Supreme Court took the contentious issue of abortion out of the hands of the states (out of the hands of “we the people”) through Roe v. Wade. The Faith and Freedom Coalition (based in Atlanta) writes: “Overturning Roe was only the first battle in the fight for life in America, and now it continues in the states — just look at Georgia.” Timothy Head, the executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss how the recent Dobbs v. Jackson case of the Supreme Court (overturning Roe v. Wade) puts the ball back in the hands of we the people—through our state legislators. This provides an opportunity for the states to decide what is the best way to handle abortion. www.ffcoalition.com

Tim Head



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