Podcast with Tim Head on Pro-Life Progress

We look back at early generations of Americans in horror at the practice of slavery and mistreatment of the Native-Americans. How will future generations look back at us, in light of the widespread practice of abortion. Recently, about 175,000 people marched in the cold on the streets of D. C. to participate in the annual March for Life. They did this despite a virtual media blackout. This happens every year. But what if 2022 is the last such march, which arose after the 1973 Supreme Court decision of “Roe v. Wade”? What if the Supreme Court overturns Roe in June of this year in the Dobbs case out of Mississippi? If that happened, state laws on abortion (some strict, some loose) would go in effect. The battle over abortion would get closer to “we the people” rather than have it be decided by an act of “raw judicial power.” That’s what dissenting Justice Byron White called Roe (and its companion decision of the same day, “Doe v. Bolton”). 63 million unborn babies have been killed since Roe. But we the people are pushing back. Tim Head is the Executive Director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, and he joins Dr. Jerry Newcombe to discuss pro-life progress and also the battle over the future of the Supreme Court, now that Justice Stephen Breyer will retire after this term. www.ffcoalition.com

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