Podcast with Virginia Prodan on Marxism Undermining America’s Christian Heritage

Topic Marxism in America.

About 30 years ago, Russia’s grip in Eastern Europe fell apart. One nation after another were able to flee Communism. Romania. Poland. East Germany. Even the Berlin Wall, which was 150 miles in length, was torn down. And then in 1991, the U.S.S.R. even imploded. Marxism, which tried to conquer the world, seemed to have failed and was being thrown away in what Ronald Reagan called “the ashheap of history.” But fast forward to today, to America, the super power that withstood the advances of Communism, and what do we see? How Marxism has reinvented itself in America? By the grace of God, Virginia Prodan a barrister in her native Romania, survived an attempt by the Communists to have her killed. We have discussed this in a previous radio segment, in which we talked about her book, Saving My Assassin. Virginia Prodan joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the ongoing threat of Marxism in America. www.virginiaprodanbooks.com


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