Podcast with Virginia Prodan, Survivor of Communism, on Our Founders Versus Socialism

Topic: Our Founders Versus Socialism.

Would the founding fathers have agreed with the current direction of modern America? Even about 70% of the population feel that we are heading in the wrong direction. Critics note that Marxism, a view founded in atheism, has gained major inroads in modern America. The founders spoke often of the importance of religion and morality in society. But today the elites gut the influence of religion and morality. By the grace of God, Virginia Prodan a barrister in her native Romania, survived an attempt by the Communists to have her killed. We have discussed this in a previous radio segment, in which we talked about her book, Saving My Assassin. The founders’ vision for the country versus what is happening today is the topic in this discussion of Virginia Prodan and Jerry Newcombe. www.virginiaprodanbooks.com




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