Podcast with Virginia Prodan Warning Against Socialism in America

Would the founding fathers have ever wanted socialism in America? Socialism has a terrible track record in history. Everywhere it is tried it brings untold misery, poverty, in some cases starvation, and even death. And yet, it keeps getting reinvented and repackaged as if it’s the greatest new thing to come along. In previous programs we have interviewed a survivor of communism (which is socialism in the extreme). By the grace of God, Virginia Prodan a barrister in her native Romania, survived an attempt by the Communists to have her killed. We have discussed this in a previous radio segment, in which we talked about her book, Saving My Assassin. Is socialism making inroads in America today? Does the push for socialism have anything to do with the war on history we’re often witnessing today? Virginia Prod joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss these things. www.virginiaprodanbooks.com



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