Podcast with Xi Van Fleet, Survivor of Mao’s Tyranny, Warning Americans About the Woke Agenda

Topic: Lessons for America from Mao’s Tyranny.

A large portion of Americans feel that our nation is headed in the wrong direction. Are we in this nation undergoing a type of cultural revolution as China underwent under Chairman Mao in the 1960s? Publius Communications writes: “Xi Van Fleet, author of Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning, makes a passionate case that history is eerily repeating itself as the Woke Revolution spreads across America. Xi Van Fleet lived through the horrors of the Chinese Cultural Revolution as a schoolgirl….But [all these] years later, Xi disturbingly sees signs of the same Cultural Marxism that ravaged her birth country of China threatening to destroy the America she now calls home.” Chairman Mao, historians note, is likely the single worst mass murderer of human beings in world history. Xi Van Fleet joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss eerie parallels between Mao’s cultural revolution and Wokeism in modern America.


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