Reviving the Spirit of Liberty Together

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Reviving the Spirit of Liberty Together announces the exciting new venture between Providence Forum and D. James Kennedy Ministries.

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Providence Forum has recently come under the umbrella of D. James Kennedy Ministries—building on a beautiful friendship and collaboration that began many years ago when Dr. Lillback and Dr. Jerry Newcombe, senior producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries, co-wrote the massive, groundbreaking bestseller, George Washington’s Sacred Fire.

Together, in the coming year, D. James Kennedy Ministries and Providence Forum will join forces to renew the American spirit and to keep it alive for generations to come. Together, we will confront the secular campaign to erase God from American history. Together, we will work to restore a proper understanding of America’s Christian heritage and its role in shaping the institutions of government and culture. We will dispel the darkness of socialism with the light of truth. We will educate and equip the next generation with a Biblical worldview.


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