Harrisburg State House Historic Tour

On a daily basis, Pennsylvania state legislators have the great privilege to work in the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg. Its storied history includes its dedication by President Theodore Roosevelt who called it “the most handsome building in the country”. Take a virtual tour of this unique structure to see and hear about it’s amazing artwork that underscores the religious roots of our country.

Walking the corridors and halls of state government enables citizens to appreciate more fully the importance of personal participation in our democratic and republican form of government. A personal visit to the Capitol Building also reminds the visitor of the central importance of religious liberty in the history of Pennsylvania.

Thanks to a Pennsylvania foundation, a grant was given to capture the extraordinary message and art of one of America’s most beautiful state capitol buildings, Pennsylvania state capitol building in the city of Harrisburg. Dr. Lillback was joined by three legislators and friends as together they taught one another the biblical and historical significance of the art and scriptural citations found throughout the entire capitol building. This opportunity opens the door for all people to tour the Pennsylvania Capitol Building and take advantage of the educational importance in learning both state legislative history and the importance of religious liberties.

Interior of the Harrisburg Capitol Providence Forum Tours the Harrisburg Capitol

This video tour goes a long way toward advancing the core mission of The Providence Forum: to promote, protect, and advance the faith and values of America’s founders which produced the freest and most successful nation in the history of mankind.

Our video tour is suitable for education settings, political gatherings, patriotic settings, religious instruction and classes, as well as for individual personal growth. It demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt the dynamic and dramatic role that faith and moral values have played in the birth and development of one of America’s most extraordinary founding states, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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