Liberty Tree Wood at Museum of American Revolution

The Last Liberty Tree

The last of the original Liberty trees stood on the campus of St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, the alma mater of Francis Scott Key. In 1999 the nearly 600 year old 96-foot tulip poplar was damaged by Hurricane Floyd and was felled. Maryland resident and landscaper, Mark Mehnert rescued the historic wood.

The Providence Forum purchased the remaining wood in 2001 and began a preservation and educational program through the development of gifts honoring American history and American heroes.

Liberty Tree Wood Gifted to the Museum of the American Revolution

In April 2016, The Providence was pleased to gift 5 planks and one branch of our Liberty Tree Wood to the Museum of the American Revolution (MAR)( MAR is scheduled to open in Spring, 2017 with 32,000 sq. feet of exhibit space in which the Museum will explore the complete story of the American Revolution by bringing to life the events, people and ideals of the founding of the United States and inspiring a deep appreciation of the importance of the struggle that created American democracy. Further, a centerpiece of the MAR will be the opportunity to join the Sons of Liberty under a life-sized Liberty Tree. It is here that visitors will be able to touch the wood gifted by TPF to the museum. Visit the site to LEARN MORE »

Is there any wood left?

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